An exhibition.
A movement.
A mission.

Initiated by Heather Mundle and Bettina Bogar, skinwork is an exhibition, an event and a mission to raise awareness about skin health and cancer prevention.

On September 24th, 2018, shortly after beginning the project, Heather lost her battle to skin cancer. She was a strong, passionate proponent of knowing and listening to your body and wanted to organize an event to encourage women to be aware of signs of skin cancer.

With a heavy heart, Bettina reached out to close friend, Kat Murdick, to discuss the vision of skinwork, and immediately the ambition to see Heather’s mission come to life was paramount.

Assembling a team of driven women, skinwork took hold as a photo series, exhibition, and awareness event.

This is all for Heather, this is all for You. Take care of yourself and if you notice something off with your skin (or body) - talk to your doctor.

Resources in Canada: